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Welcome To My World, Where Every Day Is Halloween!

The Ghost (the real thing)
Ms. Rachael, The FCG
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Uncle Ikky and Ms. Bernice
Elegantly Eerie
Sleepy Hollow Flaming Pumpkin
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The Legend of the Christmas Corpse

The Unexplained Phenomenon (the ghost)

This gave even me the creeps
From the first time I moved in, I knew there was something here that was strange. I picked up some white "orbs" in photographs the first pictures I took here when seeing it with the real estate agent. These were different, not the dust particles that sometimes show up that a lot of people like to say are "ghosts", these are brilliant white and opaque. Anyhow, occasionally I will smell a faint scent of a woman's perfume in different places on the property including the fringes of the yard when nothing or anyone was around, and my roommate has witnessed it too at different times and he is a hard core skeptic. Anyhow, I took these two pictures of the yard Halloween (no flash-and I was using a VERY expensive and new digital camera of my mom's) and noticed something really interesting...

Ghostly Orb?
Look at the light near the skeleton's head...

NOW, take a look at what has happened...

I took these pictures in succession, notice that the light is seemingly passing through the window, where you can see the window pane frame but at the same time see where it is opaque in obscuring the frame of the window. Weird, huh?