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Welcome To My World, Where Every Day Is Halloween!

The Ghost (the real thing)
Ms. Rachael, The FCG
See Sawing Skeletons
Uncle Ikky and Ms. Bernice
Elegantly Eerie
Sleepy Hollow Flaming Pumpkin
Accessorize Yourself--The Details Make The Difference!
The Legend of the Christmas Corpse

Accessorize Yourself--The Details Make The Difference!

The smaller odds and ends props that make the difference!
The small stuff matters, it just does. I like seeing the smaller unexpected pieces just as much as the bigger props so here's a few ideas to get you going. But first, I'd like to share a few thoughts on things I've learned about propbuilding (don't worry, I promise not to get preachy)...

Go slow. Be patient. Do it right. I made my first crank ghost in a hurry because I was impatient. It ran, it was ok but nothing spectacular. Rachael is the second one, I totally took the whole thing apart and redid (is that a word?) it to where I was happy with it including painting the harness and using large lead fishing weights for the counterbalance instead of a crescent wrench and a pair of pliers. Let the paints dry. Let the glues get fully set. Start early.

I like to do one project at a time because if I don't, I get overwhelmed. I might do 2 or 3 little projects at once but not 2 or 3 big ones.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Don't be afraid to take something apart and totally redo it.

See, that wasn't so bad now, was it?

A lovely urn with some twisted willow sticks
The idea came from Martha Stewart Halloween, I added the Tiny Tim skulls and Fleckstone paint.

The flaming urn in progress, Home Depot had these cool plastic cemetary urns in all sizes!

The flaming urn, well, flaming. The Tiny Tim skulls are glued in place and the vase Fleckstoned

My door wreath, the black blobs are flowers painted black, the whole wreath is black grapevine

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