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Sleepy Hollow Flaming Pumpkin

Of all of the projects, I miss this one the most because you see, it bit the dust... it did a face plant last Halloween and it was irrepairable. But I did get some good pictures at least.

If you're into ceramics, this would be really fun to do and easy. If you aren't knowledgable in ceramics and want to do this project, then either you're into self inflicted pain or you really really like this project because it's hard--or rather the terra cotta is.

Basically, I took a terra cotta pumpkin and with my trusty Dremel (the tool of the gods), used a ceramic cutting bit and cut a jack o lantern face in it. It was very slow, it was very messy and it was very hard but it's not impossible. I chose the face design from the scarecrow in Sleepy Hollow personally. After the face was cut out (by the way, use water on the terra cotta while you're cutting, it will reduce the heat buildup and keep your bits from burning out so quickly), I cut a hole in the bottom. After constructing a basic stand from 2 by 4's, I mounted a tiki torch cannister at the top and built a platform for the pumpkin to sit on. When lit, the flames leapt from the pumpkin and man, did it look cool.

Well, see for yourself...

The Sleepy Hollow Scarecrow

Night shot of flames

Side View

Some notes:
The fingers were 3/8 inch wooden dowels cut in diagonals and glued together--use weatherproof glue, I had a hard time with them. I cut the palm from a piece of leftover 1 by 4, drilled 3/8 holes for the fingers, glued them in and spraypainted the whole thing white.

The cloth was simply some cheap broadcloth cut into strips with pinking shears and stapled onto the top cross beam. When the wind blew, it was really cool to see them move!

Again, this was a trial and error project and I should have planned it better but it turned out ok I think.

Up shot of pumpkin