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Welcome To My World, Where Every Day Is Halloween!

The Ghost (the real thing)
Ms. Rachael, The FCG
See Sawing Skeletons
Uncle Ikky and Ms. Bernice
Elegantly Eerie
Sleepy Hollow Flaming Pumpkin
Accessorize Yourself--The Details Make The Difference!
The Legend of the Christmas Corpse

Icabod Macabre Or You Can't Keep A Good Corpse Quiet

My Pride and Joy
Uncle Icabod Macabre

Here's Uncle Ikky, or his formal name Icabod Macabre. Once an undertaker by trade, he met an untimely demise by the way of an angry mob. Seems Ikky was drumming up some premature business, patience was never his virtue. Ikky stands on the front porch to herald in Halloween and to welcome the little terrified Trick or Treaters. He is able to tell stories complete with moving jaw, light the way with his flickering lamp and glows an unnatural but highly flattering green. What more could you ask for?

People loved Uncle Ikky, I got several people just stopping to stare at the yard, it was great!

Ikky's Love Interest

This is Ms. Bernice, Ikky's love interest. She's not much for words, she's the quiet type but how can she when her boyfriend talks so much.

Ms. Bernice stands at the end of the yard holding her pot of silk flames. I actually threw her together very quickly after Rachael's motor died and was very pleased with the results.