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Welcome To My World, Where Every Day Is Halloween!

The Ghost (the real thing)
Ms. Rachael, The FCG
See Sawing Skeletons
Uncle Ikky and Ms. Bernice
Elegantly Eerie
Sleepy Hollow Flaming Pumpkin
Accessorize Yourself--The Details Make The Difference!
The Legend of the Christmas Corpse

Clarence and Eugene, the See Sawing Skeletons

The Inspiration for Clarence and Eugene
The See Sawing Skeleton Diorama (it was still in the construction phase)

I had this idea one day to make a gift for a friend of mine. It was a little diorama of 2 skeletons seesawing on a tombstone in a graveyard. I used a small 4 rpm motor and voila! it worked and it was really kind of cute in a sick sort of way. Then it hit me, wouldn't it be cool to make a bigger one? Wouldn't that frighten the neighbors more than they were already? Wouldn't that cause young mothers to afrightenly look my way while clutching their children tightly to them in fearful expectation? Have I not caused enough pain and suffering to my neighbors to have them worrying about the dead seesawing in my front yard?

By gollygeewhillakers, I'll do it!

So Clarence and Eugene were conceived. I can show you pictures, give you inspiration,answer questions, but frankly, it was ALL a trial and error process and I don't have any plans or went by any, but it was fun! What isn't shown so far is the tombstone facade made of the pink insulation foam (had to get all the kinks out of the machinery first). Powered by the tried and true Dayton 6 rpm motor, Clarence and Eugene happily go up and down for hours with no problems.

And I get the reputation of the strange man that is spoken about in hushed worried whispers to boot!


Eugene on one end...


...And Clarence on the other.

Closeup of the Crank Mechanism...

Bob, Clarence and Eugene at Christmas, looking oh so festive.