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Welcome To My World, Where Every Day Is Halloween!

The Ghost (the real thing)
Ms. Rachael, The FCG
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Uncle Ikky and Ms. Bernice
Elegantly Eerie
Sleepy Hollow Flaming Pumpkin
Accessorize Yourself--The Details Make The Difference!
The Legend of the Christmas Corpse

Rachael, The Flying Crank Ghost


First and foremost, the originator of the Flying Crank Ghost, Doug Ferguson of Phantasmechanics, deserves the thanks and praise for this wonderful creation. I will not attempt to explain the construction of the FCG; he does a infinitely better job than I could ever do and the full instructions can be found online at Phantasmechanics. I will, however say that it's not a hard project, but one that allows a lot of creativity, experimentation and most of all, is extremely rewarding. This is Rachael and how she is constructed.


I did several alterations on the basic plan for Rachael. I first painted the face/wig head with glow paint (incidentally, I found that mixing half white glue with half glow paint made the job a lot easier). At least 4 coats were needed to make sure that there were no 'streaks' when the blacklight was on. I soaked the cheesecloth in Rit Whitener and Brightener in plastic bags overnight to make sure that it was adequately soaked. A gentle rinse and a trip though the dryer and she was ready to be dressed in her blue glowing death shroud. I made her arms from three-eighths inch wooden dowels painted black with screw eyes connecting them. Her hands are hand-shaped bent coathanger wires wrapped thickly with masking tape and painted with several coats of the glow paint/glue mixture. I painted her features with plain black acrylic paint, I thought about doing her features in fluorescent paint but decided against it, I didn't want too many colors and glows competing for attention.

She's truly amazing to watch (although it took me about 2 hours to get the strings the proper length and the marionette harness just right so she would fly naturally {or unnaturally, whatever the case may be}). Although it can't be seen, I had to use a counter weight system that goes down the back of her, unseen when she is flying (a full explanation of this is also found in the flying crank ghost instructions).


Ms. Rachael and her LED eyes. They run off of a 9 volt battery and last forever. I like the jumbo red LED's from Radio Shack just for the look. They're siliconed in place from the back of the wig form.


The blue shroud with the red eyes and glowing green head and hands are really striking.


Yes, she has that Joan Crawford thing going on with her eyebrows..


The glow is still going strong...This is NOT under blacklight, she's pretty bright all by herself!